Celebrate 2022 with a ZÁCARY desserts exclusive collector coin, beautifully designed with the iconic Evil Eye to bring luck, protection, and prosperity into the new year. 


Give as a gift to your loved one or buy for yourself, this coin is strictly limited and available for a short time only.


*Please note this coin is not to be baked inside the Vasilopita cake. It is recommended that the coin is tightly wrapped in foil and placed inside the cake once the cake has finished baking.

2022 Lucky Mati Coin

GST Included
Colour: Silver
  • 2.4cm Diameter

    2mm Thick

    Limited Edition. 

    Made from zinc alloy & coated with colour enamel with metal plating. 

    *Note the coin must not be baked with the cake. To be placed after baking is done and tightly wrapped in foil.

    Made In Australia.